Furniture Inspection Service

Veriquality Service offers teams of professionals who are dedicated to the support of furniture retailer and dietributor. Veriquality Service experience in this field is extensive, with furniture experts providing clients with in-depth support, tailored to suit their specific requirements

Products inspected by Veriquality include;
1. Indoor tables and chairs
2. Outdoor tables and chairs
3. Storage furniture
4. Office furniture
5. Beds and mattresses
6. Cots and cot beds
7. Highchairs
8. Upholstered furniture 

In addition to testing product to European (EN & BS) and American (BIFMA & ASTM) standards, we recognise the importance of assessing product for other critical factors that must be taken into account when designing and sourcing furniture ranges. These included at our inspection service for you:

1. General furniture performance ( function check )
2. Workmanship (appearance check)
3. Construction (assembly check)
4. Loading test or durability test (loading test, normally static loading).

5. On-site test ( moisture content test ,impact test, painting adhesion test,etc)


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