Inspection Service

Inspection service flow chart


The import of a product involves several crucial procedures: Selecting  the suitable factory, confirming product details and material, production, quality monitoring, packaging , then finally ship the goods on time.

VeriQuality will be your organization’s extension. We will reduce the burden of your tactical activities (e.g. factory audit, PP sample evaluation, product inspection and production monitoring) to allow you more time to focus on the marketing activities, customer service and corporate strategies.As an Independent service, offers a series of One-stop services to assist them in selecting the ideal factory and monitoring product quality, to protect their benefits before shipment leaves for destination. These services are: Factory Audit (FA), Social Accountability Audit (SA), Pre- Production Inspection (PPI), During Production Inspection (DPI), PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION SERVICE (PSI), 100% Full Check Inspection, Loading Supervision (LS) and Product Testing.